About Us

Dnyanvikas Sanstha Koparkhainre is conducting the Educational & Cultural activities at Koparkhairne in Navi Mumbai, since 1987. The Sanstha is imparting Education at Primary, Secondary & Higher Secondary level. About 5500 students in 41 divisions are taking benefit of institute.

These institutions are catering the need of down trodden section of society. The Sanstha has secured a plot of 12000 sq.mtr. from the CIDCO., At present ther plot valued Rs. 6 crores.

There is big play gorund admeasuring 7145 sq.mtr. in the complex. The Sanstha has constructed a building worth Rs. 3 crores with 47 classrooms & Big halls. The performance of the school at all public Examinations is very excellent.